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Why do I Need to Know the Fundamentals of Mediation? 

by | Mar 2, 2023 | Mediation, Mediation Courses, Mediator Training

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Fundamentals of Mediation is our basic course and your opportunity to launch a new career path.  Our hands-on program helps you build critical communication skills to encourage participation and resolve conflict.  Being able to resolve potentially explosive or volatile situations, and develop innovative resolutions to conflict are skills that you can apply in many workplace environments.

Because it’s live streamed you save on travel and avoid COVID risks.  The course is taught in an interactive,  small group environment with a focus on practical skills.  No pre-requisite courses are needed.

 Why do I Need to Know the Fundamentals of Mediation? Here are some answers from past students:

I need to help my team members resolve conflict between them.  I learned mediation so that I could be more effective. –  Supervisor

If you are considering a career in mediation this 3-course Mediator Education Program is an absolute must! Kathryn will walk you through each stage of a mediation and provide you with the foundation to mediate any conflict. – Lawyer

An excellent course. Must be taken by managers, problem solvers and those that have responsible jobs!  – Business owner

As manager of a team that provides services to the whole organization I end up mediating conflict between other departments and my staff.   I learned the mediation skills to do this better. – Manager

An excellent opportunity to build on existing skills and interests. Encourages alternative negotiation and mediation processes which are very useful.  – Lawyer

With my mediation training, I am positioned for promotion. This was a worthwhile investment in my career.  – Administrator

Throughout the three courses I have evolved from little knowledge of the mediation process, to having the confidence to begin working as a mediator myself. Kathryn allows ample time for discussion and questions. It is a very collaborative environment to learn in. Her use of exercises really helps you learn and develop the skills. I highly recommend taking her course, and particularly taking all three sessions if you plan on doing mediation work – Lawyer

Looking forward to using my new mediation skills to build a retirement business mediating in my field. – Recently retired professional

 I have recently completed your 5-Day “Fundamentals of Mediation” training course, and wanted to thank you for inspiring me to embrace the field of mediation even more passionately! The course was exactly what I was hoping it would be, and then some!  – Counselling professional

 Whatever your reason Fundamentals of Mediation is an opportunity to build your practical skills to manage and resolve conflict.

Join us to build your mediation skills in spring 2023!

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Course # 1 – Fundamentals of Mediation – April 19, 20, 21, 24, and 25, 2023

5 days – 40 hours.

Recognized by

  • the ADR Institute of Ontario
  • the Law Society of Ontario.

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Mediator Education Program