Mediator Education Program

Human Dynamics and Conversational Intelligence are two of the challenges of law practice not taught in law school.  Basic neuroscience tells us that conversations affect the brain and impact our conversations with others. Our course Being HUMAN in the Practice of LAW addresses this omission in law training.

Being HUMAN in the Practice of LAW is 6 hours in total, in 3 modules of 2 hours each.

As an opportunity for lawyers to complete these courses while business is disrupted, we are offering two time options for the interactive livestream modules on 3 Tuesdays beginning  May 12 or on 3 Wednesdays beginning May 20.

During this program, as lawyers and paralegals you learn to close the gap between intention and impact.  Build your capacity to inspire trust, develop understanding, create a productive workplace, and improve your cross-cultural communication.  Apply the concepts in your own practice environment.

Taught by Tracy Quinton, an expert on getting people to work together to achieve results, and Kathryn Munn, a seasoned mediator, arbitrator, facilitator and lawyer.

This program will be valuable to every lawyer and paralegal who has clients, and every lawyer and paralegal who works with an assistant, clerk, partner, or associate.

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This course is accredited by the Law Society of Ontario for Continuing Professional Development.    

This program contains:

3 hours and 50 minutes Professionalism AND 2 hours and 10 minutes of EDI Professionalism

Tuesday Option

Tues May 12 At 9 To 11 am;

Tues May 26 At 9 To 11 am; AND

Tues June 9 At 9 To 11 am


Wednesday Option

Wed May 20 At 2 To 4 pm;

Wed June 3 At 2 To 4 pm; AND

Wed June 17 At 2 To 4 pm

KATHRYN MUNN, LL.B., Cert. ConRes., C. Med., C. Arb., IMI Certified Mediator is a mediator, facilitator, arbitrator and lawyer. Through her firm Munn Conflict Resolution Services based in London, Ontario, she has specialized in the prevention, management and resolution of conflict for more than 25 years.   Kathryn is a thorough, creative and persistent professional who adapts her approach to fit each situation.

TRACY QUINTON, Organizational Strategist and founder of the Quinton Group, bringing 35 years of seasoned experience in the collaborative creation and execution of results-driven strategies; the results which take clients beyond their limiting expectations.  She works with leaders and teams to elevate the quality of conversations, and creates positive change within organizations by providing the framework and practices to listen, engage, architect and influence in the moment and share the future in all situations.

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Mediator Education Program