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by | May 31, 2013 | Conflict Resolution

Common Ground started as a printed newsletter from Munn Conflict Resolution Services in April, 1999.  Gradually it evolved to be in both print and electronic format until it became completely electronic 10 years later in 2009.  After 41 issues here we are at another change.

Common Ground will move forward as the Common Ground Blog.  It will continue to provide Conflict Resolution News.  In April, 1999, I said that Common Ground was a resource on win-win conflict resolution for the busy professional; the Common Ground Blog will continue to be that resource for you.

Back then, I said it was a time of major change in the field of dispute resolution.  That first issue was about Ontario Mandatory Mediation, which had just been implemented in 1999 for civil matters in the Superior Court in Toronto and Ottawa.  Later Windsor was added as a Mandatory Mediation jurisdiction.  Now in 2013, the Mandatory Mediation Program has not yet been rolled out any further across the province.

My dispute resolution practice has evolved also.  I still specialize in the prevention, management and resolution of conflict. Now my mediation services are mostly in the areas of workplace/employment, commercial contracts, estates, and business including family business and not-for-profit.  My arbitration services are typically in similar kinds of disputes.  Training has always been important for Munn Conflict Resolution Services.  In addition to customised training in conflict resolution and negotiation for specific organizations and professional groups, our Mediator Education Programs continue to grow.

As I write this in May 2013, the dispute resolution field is still evolving and I am sure the rapid pace of change will continue.  At the same time, the negotiation and conflict resolution strategies that worked then are still effective now. We’re still people, no matter what communication medium we use.

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